By Sophie Roumans born 1990, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

ROUMANS found her start in the beginning of 2017, from the love for traditional menswear and identity. A label that is aiming to work as sustainable and ethical as possible. ROUMANS displays a different image of masculinity whilst taking a place against the traditional fashion system. In the work of ROUMANS you’ll see the play of construction, body shape, psyche and identity of the contemporary man.

As a fashion label ROUMANS takes their responsibility towards our planet. ROUMANS has a natural desire to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. Using only left over fabrics, recycled materials and certified materials. The sustainability is not only processed in the usage of materials but also in approach, work ethics and story. For example the garments are being produced locally. Collections designed by ROUMANS complement each other, they don’t lose their relevance. For the next collection ROUMANS will produce with locally grown hemp.

As head of the creative team of ROUMANS, designer Sophie Roumans heads the Nijmegen based fashion label. In June 2017 Roumans was officially launched, while being selected for “De Lichting”, at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Roumans represents a new outlook on Menswear, in playing with masculinity.